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Harmoni Standing Desk
Tabitha Harman Potts
Very good product

I have been working on a laptop and my posture has suffered. The standing desk is easy to set up and looks elegant. I can’t use it all day but I use it for a couple of hours and it is helping.

Brilliant desk

Easy to assemble, looks great and really comfortable to use. Very happy.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Connie Chatwin
Standing is the new sitting!

I am beyond happy with my new standing desk from Harmoni!

It arrived within a couple of days of ordering. I went for the Standard Birch which is the cheapest option and it's still really lovely quality with excellent finish. I thought the wood looked quite light in colour on the picture online but it's slightly darker in person and looks great. I was worried it would wobble when I was using it but it hardly does and feels really secure! It takes seconds to assemble and the same to pack away and tucks nice and flatly on the wall by my desk - although I've actually been leaving it out as it looks good and I've been using it constantly to help write my final dissertation for my masters degree!! I sometimes have lower back problems from sitting too long and have also had dodgy knees for a while and standing to work really seems to have helped, as well as improving my upper body posture. It has also massively helped with productivity!!

I wanted to make special mention of the great customer service too; I also ordered the cork desk mat which unfortunately arrived split right down the middle. I sent details of the damage with pictures to customer services and they refunded me within days, no questions asked.

I don't normally write reviews but felt really strongly about this one; totally worth the money and great customer service!

:) xx

Harmoni Standing Desk
Jeanette Dionne

Harmoni Standing Desk

Thoughts on standing desk

Gave the desk to my daughter in law who works from home. She finds the desk can be easily moved to any area of the home or outside which is appreciated.

Works for me

Thought I’d give it a run to correct the WFH laptop hunching. I sometimes stand, sometimes sit. It’s easy and at the moment it’s working for me. Looks like a good value solution.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Sebastien Boudreau

Hi! Although I am really happy about my purchase, I find the Standing desk a little "wabbly"... It would have been good to have limitation of weight included in the package but I suppose, I can always go online! ;-) Other than that, pretty happy with this cheaper option. Tkx! :-)

Love it!

So easy to set up and use and gives great options in heights- so I can sit/stand anywhere! It’s also surprisingly sturdy!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Sandra Miller

This desk is versatile, sleek and functional. I am very satisfied with everything from the purchase through to set up/use. I highly recommend this product to anyone who asks or has seen it in my office space.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Selina Streahorn
Love it...but

Absolutely love the shape, style and ease of use of this desk. It is fantastic! Being able to switch from standing to sitting either while working, studying or gaming. My only one hiccup with it that bothers me quite a bit is the shelf where my keyboard sits, the side of it wasn't smoothed down properly so instead I have these shaved pieces of wood sticking out and i've already gotten a few slivers from. So I docked two stars for this reason. Considering I paid over $200 for this, I expected more for the price tag. Otherwise happy, just hope they increase the quality and make sure it's not going to be an issue for future purchases.

Excellent product and service

Ordered Friday morning it arrived Saturday morning! Incredible service and a great product. It really has helped my back.

Easy use

Easy to assemble, use and move. Clever and simple!

Harmoni Carrier Bag
Graham Mcwilliam
Ideal companion!

Perfect for the purpose, the bag is good quality and as a self-employed individual it allows me to move easily from place to place.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Blake Luttrell
Girlfriend loves it

She wanted it, she has it, she loves it.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Julie Stewart
Love this desk!

Easy to assemble and use while sitting or standing!! So happy with my purchase.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Anton Madureira


Harmoni Standing Desk
Miss Joanne Formby

Brilliant addition to my office. Looks great, feels great. Really easy to adjust for different family members

Harmoni Standing Desk
Joan Mlynarczyk
Amazing standing work station!

This is my first product review ever! I am a physiotherapist in Toronto and I spend hours in my office talking about the risk of sitting and benefits of standing and the Harmoni stand up work station is perfect, it’s portable and adaptable. The customer service is amazing and I was serviced by a kind person who worked to solve my dilemma quickly. Healthfx Physiotherapy will be recommending the Harmoni work station option for everyone. Keep well everyone.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Lianne Arsenault
Has helped my neck and back pain

Some slight damage to the wood at the top and on the bottom stand. But I am so in love with this desk. It has helped my neck and back pain and is so versatile to use.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Annemarie Pedersen
Great option for a small space

I live (and work from home) in a little condo with a den but found sitting all day wasn’t doing my health any good. I considered getting the harmoni for quite a while before I made the decision- but it has been great to have as an option during the workweek (sometimes use it on the coffee table with the couch for zoom meetings etc.) On the weekend it breaks down and tucks away neatly. Love it!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Garry Aldridge

I love the concept of having a standing desk, I love the quality of this desk,I love the look and feel of this Desk. What more could anyone ask for.
I’m a business coach and mostly work with my clients over zoom so I get to use this beautiful desk every day, all day, it’s surprising what a difference it can make to how you feel.
Very happy 😃

Good for the soul!

I love my Harmoni Standing Desk! It's easy to use and super convenient. I have it set up in my home office, and when I need a change of scenery, I can easily move it to another room in the house. I can't wait to take it out on the lanai in the summer!

Overall a beautiful and simple desk

Overall it is a beautiful desk and just as advertised. Super easy to put together, very simple and elegant. I love the flexibility to adjust the shelves just right and the low profile of it. Some people complained about being able to see all the cords, but I don't find this an issue and a quick tie keeps them out of the way if it's really an concern. The logo is very pretty but is blocked by the bottom shelf, which is too bad because it seems so calming and visually appealing. My only issue was that I was expecting it to be a bit more... polished? I realize I didn't order the high end model, but there were a lot of wood bits in the box so it was a mess to open. And some unfinished edges with bits of wood sticking out. Regardless, a bit of sandpaper and some varathane and it looks great.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Judith Patten
Effective within hours!

My chiropractor recommended I buy a Harmoni desk; I trust him, for he is great at sorting out my aged body. The desk arrived on a Monday morning, by mid-afternoon the pain I had been suffering for several months was all but gone. Since then I have bought a balance board, that makes standing much more comfortable because you can wriggle around so it is not as tiring, also a cork mat. All in all with no pain returning I am thrilled and have recommended exploring what Harmoni can offer to several people with tricky backs. Thank you!

Harmoni standing Desk

Made working standing instead of sitting for too long so much easier on my back. I do feel more energized when standing!